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Why Children Books are Important?

by author Cendrine Georgeaud

Team ePublishingeXperts

Hello, my name is Cendrine Georgeaud and I live in Canada. « Eba and the Sea » is my first eBook for children (3 to 5). My daughter Éva, was my inspiration for this book. When she was young, she was a happy and funny little girl, always making...

Sherry Cover

Why Children Books are important?

By an awarded author Sherry Ellis

Team ePublishingeXperts

When I was a kid, my mom used to read me stories. I loved the worlds of giants and fairies; the land of make-believe. It ignited my imagination and made me an avid reader. I was so avid, in fact that I frequently got in trouble for reading, rather...


Celebrate Children Book Month!

Awarded author Sherry Ellis with Team ePublishingeXperts!

Team ePublishingeXperts

Tell us a little about your book, That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN. It’s a story about a little girl who’s having trouble getting used to the sleepless nights due to her new baby brother. She can’t figure out why he keeps waking up so much. Mama explains a...

Rory Gumboots

Why children books are important?

By author Eileen Moynihan

Team ePublishingeXperts

Sitting on my mother’s knee with a book, I turned pages and pointed at the illustrations. Matching words with pictures helped me to read. I loved the surprise of pop-up books particularly. ‘When We Were Very young’, and ‘Now We Are Six’ by A.A.Milne helped develop my poetry journey....


Children Book Month Celebrations!

Team ePublishingeXperts

Dear Author/Publisher, Good books are like a candy for the brain of a kid. Read, Share and Celebrate Children Book Month with us, the month long virtual celebration event. We at ePublishingeXperts are celebrating April, 14 as the month of celebration, fun, joy by reading & promoting children books....

Blurb for Time For Me
By Indie Author “Carissa Kopf ”

Team ePublishingeXperts

If you enjoy a love story based in a vineyard with sensuality, suspense and a surprisingly haunting ending then you should read this new novella written by indie author, Carissa Kopf. The summer is here so enjoy some time for yourself with “Time For Me”. Join Carissa’s growing fan...