Pat Alvarado
President, Piggy Press Books

Piggy Press is a multilingual children’s book publisher located in the Republic of Panama, and as such, I felt we needed to offer our readers other options besides print and audio versions of our titles. As a possible solution, one of our authors recommended ePublishingeXperts.
So as a neophyte in the eBook world, I contacted them, and they kindly answered all of my many questions about cost, time, setup, the differences between fixed and adjustable formats, and they even offered to do a test-run on one of Piggy Press’s titles besides sending samples of their work thus far. That was in early 2012. To date, ePublishingeXperts has formatted 17 of our multilingual titles, which include some titles with audio incorporated into the eBooks and highlighting of words so the reader can follow along.

I have never regretted my choice, and if I were to choose only three words to best describe Piggy Press’s experience with ePublishingeXperts: They are Trustworthy, Diligent and truly Experts in the field of eBooks and ePublishing, and I look forward to continue working with them on our digital journey.

Thanks Pat for this kind testimonial and we are looking forward to work with you digitizing upcoming titles from Piggy Press.

Dear visitor, to purchase beautiful bilingual eBooks from Piggy Press please visit their website arr– Team ePublishingeXperts


Amanda Walsh
Tickly Whiskers Publishing Limited

I have worked with team ePublishingeXperts for projects related to eBooks a number of years now. Their service, quality of work and dedication continues to exceed my expectations. It has been a real adventure developing my book trailer with the team. The process from design to publishing on YouTube and my own website has been a wonderful experience. I can highly recommend using team ePublishingeXperts for all your ebook development and marketing requirements.

Thanks Amanda. Here we all love Matisse and look forward to hear about her more exciting adventures. “Matisse and the Grumpy Ghost” is my all time favorite. It gives all of us lot of tickling while reading and developing the eBook and video trailer.

Dear visitor, to experience the adventurous series of Matisse please visit their websitearr– Team ePublishingeXperts

Celebrate Children Book Month

Eileen Moynihan
The Reckolahesperus

I would highly recommend ePublishingeXperts illustration services. I personally found them trustworthy, professional, polite and very accommodating in helping me achieve my vision for my ebook ‘The Reckolahesperus’. The artists work is of the highest standard, and many of my friends admired the work. The fees are very reasonable too. All round it has been a beneficial partnership of a project.

Dear Eileen, thanks for this kind recommendation. Visualizing “Reckolahesperus- the strange creature” was very tough but your explaining of its uncommon look was amazing and simple.
Dear Visitor, if you wonder who this strange creature is, please visit her Amazon page here. arr– Team ePublishingeXperts


Mark Zugsmith (Swami Madhu)
Mother Ganga

I have been working with team ePublishingeXperts for almost a year.

They have not only been extremely responsive to our project needs and requirements, they also do their work with experience and expertise. While completing our original project we were also able to begin other projects. We will continue to use Team ePublishingeXperts for e-book conversion services as well as consulting in the marketing of our ebooks as their understanding of this industry and technology is of extreme value for us.

I would recommend them wholeheartedly. They are not only professional but a team of great human beings to work with.

Thanks very much Madhu. Developing religious eBooks are never easy. Our experience with “Mother Ganga” was very satisfying in terms that it was a very difficult book with Sanskrit written phrases and lots of image to embed. We also face difficulty while recognizing those phrases for Amaon’s Kindle devices but in the end it comes out to be a beautiful eBook to read on Kindle and iPad.


– Team ePublishingeXperts


Rob Simon
Founder and President

“When my digital publishing company was looking for someone to help us with eBook conversions, I met with nearly a half-dozen service companies around the USA and elsewhere. None of them impressed me, and most were very expensive. And then I met experts at ePublishingeXperts – and not only was they far ahead of everyone else in their understanding of eBook conversion and formats, they were a pleasure to work with. They were always very courteous, professional, insightful, prompt and responsible. To start, we gave them several challenging assignments – creating fixed-width multi-media enhanced eBooks with embedded videos, audio, hyperlinks and animations. We were pushing the envelope on what was possible, but we could not have done it without them. And, they were just as effective and efficient with our less-complicated projects – traditional, straight-forward eBooks.

I would highly recommend ePublishigneXperts and their team for any eBook conversion project. You will get expert help that is very reasonably priced and produced in a careful, respectful way – it’s the perfect way to launch an eBook.”


Hipso Media, a digital publisher Co.

Thanks very much Rob. We feel obliged and yes, it was a great news that “Deliciously Doable Small Plates from Around the World” was #1 in three categories at Amazon.
Dear Visitor, if you wonder what this enhanced, interactive, best selling eCookBook is all about and if you want to taste mouth watering, flavorsome, palatable and delicious recipes, please visit Amazon arr or Apple iTunes arr

– Team ePublishingeXperts


Doug Brooks
The Image Research Team

Starting a new small business is no easy task. Soon after we started ours we realized we needed a website update to help potential customers feel more comfortable calling on us. We sent ePublishingeXperts our design, copy and graphic elements and in no time we launched the new responsive website. They were responsive to our direction and updates and made us feel like valued customers.

Thanks Doug. We are looking forward to help you out on any website related issues or enhancements and yes, for your digital products too. Just to share, more recently we have started developing responsive websites for optimal viewing experience


– Team ePublishingeXperts

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