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Piggy Press is a multilingual children’s book publisher located in the Republic of Panama, and as such, I felt we needed to offer our readers other options besides print and audio versions of our

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President, Piggy Press Books




I have worked with team ePublishingeXperts for projects related to eBooks a number of years now. Their service, quality of work and dedication continues to exceed my expectations. It has been a real

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Tickly Whiskers Publishing Limited

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What we have for you

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ePub3 eBooks

  • Animated Children eBooks with rich media integration using HTML5, JQuery and Java Script (ePub3 eBooks for iPad).
  • Enhanced Acadmic/Textbook with Drag and Drop, Match words sentences, Interactive Question-Answers, Score and much more (ePub3 eBooks)
  • Character/Image Photo gallery/slide show using JQuery ans Java Script.

Amazon eBook (KF8 and Mobi)eBooks

  • Kindle Panel view for comics and graphic novels.
  • Beatiful rendering of complex styled Tables, Boxes, Lists and wrapped images using CSS3
  • Enhanced children books using Magnification panel for better reading experience.


B&N Nook eBooks (ePub/ePib)

  • Auto Narration and text block narration with Read to me functionality
  • Region Magnification and panel view.
  • Beautiful enhanced children eBook in ePib format.

eBook Distribution and Retailers

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Book Cover

  • Professionally made Cover Pages: Why are they important?
  • Readers first interaction with a BookScore and much more (ePub3 eBooks)
  • Selling pitch of the book
  • A Cover page tells a story about the book

Video Trailers

  • Book Video Trailer
  • Audio/Video visuals have direct impact over the viewer.
  • SEO friendly
  • Effective two minutes duration because of shorter attention span.

2D Illustrations

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (fun and fanciful style): Children books
  • Cartoon and Humor (a humorous, funny style): Comic, Caricatures, parody and funny
  • Fantasy (dreaming, illusion style): Novels, children books.
  • Science Fiction (a futuristic ortechnologicalstyle)

Interior Layout

  • Print Ready PDF as per Lightning Source Guidelines
  • Print Ready PDF as per Createspace Guidelines
  • Print Ready PDF as per Chicago Manual Guidelines

WEB Solutions



  • Seo Friendly websites
  • Social Media Links
  • Blog Integration

eCommerce Websites

  • Unique eBookstore
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Linux Hosting

Landing Pages

  • Optimized Landing Pages
  • Focused and Customized Sales pitch
  • Increased conversion rates


  • Free Custom SEO Reports
  • Higher brand credibility
  • Better ROI

Developing eBooks would not help. Selling would.
We help you epublish your titles at all the major eBook retail sites.


Above are the global retailers, we can help you upload your eBooks at other retailers of your choices too and you can keep 100% of your sales.

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